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Spare Installation Hardware


Includes: 2x Sector Magnets, 2x Orings, 2x M2 Screws, and 3x Motor spade connectors


HyperDrive Mk1 represents thousands of hours of perfecting the best SSG ETU possible with current technology. No expense is spared and no corner is cut. You've spent hundreds on building the perfect weapon, so why settle for an ETU made with cheap components?

What is HyperDrive and why do I need it?

​HyperDrive is a premium Electronic Trigger Unit (ETU). It's designed to install in a standard Version 2 gearbox and replaces the trigger contacts and cutoff lever. These components quickly wear out in modern AEGs, so an ETU is essential for maintaining high performance over time. HyperDrive also provides features not available with mechanical trigger contacts, such as adjustable trigger sensitivity, improved trigger response, burst mode, binary trigger, configurable modes, advanced diagnostics, and much more.

What Sets HyperDrive Apart from Other ETUs?

  • Innovative inductive trigger detection allows for a high sensitivity trigger with extreme reliability

  • HEMC  (High Efficiency Magnetic Cutoff)  system allows the motor to coast to the resting position, extending battery life and reducing motor wear

  • Settings are accessed via WiFi connection on phone or PC, without the need for an external programming module

  • Uses 6th gen Infineon MOSFETs with nearly half the resistance of other ETUs

  • Easy calibration - no more tearing down your gearbox due to bad sensor alignment

  • Upper and lower boards are made from sturdier 1.6mm PCBs, which are resistant to extreme vibration and reduce risk of accidental damage

  • 4 layer PCB efficiently transfers excess heat to gearbox shell

  • Silver plated Teflon wire harness withstands corrosion, heat and abrasion

  • Designed, built, and shipped from the USA 

Why Use Inductive Sensors?

Inductive sensors are used extensively for industrial applications that need to withstand extreme environments. They are more difficult to design and cost more, but the inherent advantages make them the best choice for trigger and selector sensors.

Capture4 (1).png
HEMC Cycle Detection

HyperDrive uses a High Efficiency Magnetic Cutoff (HEMC) system for consistent and reliable cycle detection. Unlike typical magnetic sensors, the unique HEMC technology allows the CPU to predict in advance when to stop the motor. This allows the gearbox to cycle more efficiently than ETUs with microswitch or optical cutoffs.

Programmable Mode Switch

Mode selector switch is fully customizable with over 150 possible combinations. Available modes include Safe, Semi, Auto, Burst, Interruptible Burst, and Binary Trigger*.

*Additional modes coming soon!

Simple WiFi Interface

No more clunky programming modules, all settings can be accessed via WiFi connection in an easy to navigate dashboard in your browser. Works with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Best of all, it uses no internet connection, so you can adjust settings at home or in the field.

Superior Heat Management

During sustained periods of Semi-Auto cycles, the motor draws a large amount of current from the battery. This can cause inexpensive MOSFETs to overheat or even fail completely. HyperDrive uses the authentic Infineon MOSFETs along with a higher quality PCB to virtually eliminate this problem.

Adjustable Trigger Sensitivity

Fine tune the exact trip and release points to your taste. Turn up the sensitivity if you like a snappy hair trigger, or down for a more realistic experience.

Quick and Easy Calibration

Nothing is more frustrating than finishing a gearbox build only to realize a sensor is  misaligned. During calibration, HyperDrive automatically adjusts for tolerances in triggers, selector plates, and cutoff cams for a frustration-free installation experience.

Water Resistant

No need to worry about damaging your HyperDrive if it's raining. A high performance mil-spec conformal coating protects the components from water, dirt, grease, and dust. Perfect for humid climates that create condensation.

Intelligent Diagnostics

Troubleshoot your AEG without opening the gearbox. New diagnostic data is collected with every gearbox cycle, and error codes help you pinpoint the source of the problem quickly.

Sturdy Construction

Unlike others, HyperDrive is made from thicker 1.6mm PCBs that are more durable against vibration and accidental damage. Upper and lower circuit boards are attached with soldered through-hole connections that will withstand years of abuse. 

V2 Drop-In Ready

HyperDrive takes only a few minutes to install with just a screwdriver. Compatible with most Version 2 gearboxes without modifications.

Made in the USA

Unlike most electronics which are made overseas, each HyperDrive is assembled, tested, and shipped from Portland, Oregon. 


  • Compatible with 2S, 3S, and 4S LiPo batteries

  • 100 levels of trigger trip/release points let you fine tune the feel of your trigger

  • Angle-based precocking allows for consistent precock levels with different batteries 

  • Works with brushed or brushless motors

  • Integrated shot counter tracks total shots fired, and shots fired since powered on

  • DMR mode adds delays between each shot

  • 6 Firing modes: Safe, Semi, Binary, Burst, Interruptible Burst, and Auto

  • Mil spec conformal coating makes HyperDrive resistant to moisture and dirt

  • Low voltage cutoff protects batteries from overdischarge

  • Adjustable E-fuse for peace of mind against motor shorts

  • 3 Temperature sensors continuously monitor gearbox and ETU temperature

  • Settings and firmware updates accessed via WiFi connection  (no internet required)

  • Diagnostic LED for easy troubleshooting

  • Dual core CPU for near-zero latency

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